The produce of binder on diamond

The produce of binder on diamond

In the use of diamond proverb blades, diamond utilization is relatively low, this is because the skipper diamond is not wear failure, but a colossal loss in shedding form.

The effect of binder on diamond

The produce of binder on diamond

Traditional manufacturing diamondsegment is rely on casing shaft on the diamond to adamant diamond, When the casingwear to the diamond is too much exposure, the diamond cede be falling off ontheir own

To alter the imperative require of the wrap andthe diamond is the most effective technical measures to flee diamond earlyloss Unfortunately diamond and jacket is fatiguing to connect, the moreeffective mechanical measures is plated titanium, nickel and other metals on thediamond surface, in behest to gain the effective brew of diamond and casing.

Traditional cardigan powder is made of asimple veritable metal powder or compound powder, these metalseither non-wetting of the diamond, or not wettability at the sinteringtemperature of the diamond On the research, in traditional copper brew powderadded chromium powder, titanium powder, vanadium powder, zirconium powder, nickel powder, manganese powderand more metal powder to lair a pre-alloy powder, pre-alloy powder containingthe active elements of wetting the diamond, during the diamond sinteringprocess, the active angle shared diffusion with diamond, finish brazeconnection cardigan and the diamond

The affected diamond tip cardigan is usuallyconstituted by two components of the skeleton component and a binder, generallyselected lanky melting point, rangy sore resistance, gangling tightness metalskeleton material, choose a troupe of low melting dot metal to be used asbinder. In the citation of a binder, due to the low fastness of commonly usedlow-melting metal (Sn, Zn, etc) is soft to be oxidized, and easy enrichment,its stunt is not good, silver, copper and further metals can be overcomethe above drawbacks, but higher melting spot or payment converse their use

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In the specialist mixing of the powdersintering casing, exists at the tip of the diamond are connected together bymechanical combination imbed and compulsive role with the carcass, the diamond andmatrix connection is a practical connection The sintering of metal bindingagent wrapper already has a certain density and a relatively rangy strength,hardness, toughness, and further has a fresh earn specialist mosaic generate on theparcel diamond

Binding agent should have two basicfunctions: First, connected the wear-resistant material into the grid skeletonholding diamond; second, with diamond wear and abrasion, make the diamondnormal overhang In addition, the imperative agent not only keep a certaindegree of hardness, toughness and wear resistance, If hold a certain shading ofwettability on the diamond entrust greatly rewrite the diamond log height,thereby improving the action of the use of the diamond tool.

The sake stunt of the imperative agent,that is in diamond, carcass materials, porosity, manufactured using variousconditions to determine the circumstances, can be formed sufficiently stable casing;while using wrapper own a correct keep synchronous wear or leap ahead wear withdiamond, make the diamond complete manoeuvre and unbiased wear, falling off

Use diamond surface active elements platingis a easy specialized answer Active side is a strong carbide formingelements and transition elements, these elements can happen interfacial reactionto cause compounds, make the diamond surface covered with a layer ofeasy-to-bound metal carcass metal, this metal layer can be brazed together withfetal metal The normal active elements own titanium, chromium, tungsten andother elements; Although molybdenum, vanadium, zirconium, niobium, tantalum canalso befall the carbonization, but the price is big without being applied; otherelements cobalt, nickel, manganese, silicon, aluminum unbefitting certain conditions alsocan be formed carbides, carbides is respectively: Co2C, Ni3C,Mn3C, SiC, Al4C3. Currently, the most natural applicationis titanium, nickel-plated.

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