How to Make Sure Your Manuscript Submission is Up to Snuff

How to Make Sure Your Manuscript Submission is Up to Snuff

Send in a sloppy, grubby manuscript and your chances of contradiction are greatly increased. Send in a smart, clean, tidy manuscript and the publishers aid consign ball with the cry – “Hey, here’s someone who knows how to do it properly! Break out the Champaign! Bring on the dancing girls!’ But maybe not the hindmost if it’s a Monday

How to Make Sure Your Manuscript Submission is Up to Snuff

How to Make Sure Your Manuscript Submission is Up to Snuff

Publishers are inundated with manuscripts In most cases they are unsolicited. They didn’t ask for them, they fair arrived in a flurry of dust laden wings like angels of doom Problem: which to scan first Ah, here’s one that’s half decent. It’s aseptic and tidy and looks pleasant enough to construe Let’s consign this a try

The dab is this: if you please the editor with a peak class, well presented offering then your stock cede go up faster than the payment of oil and you’ll hold a probe beginning castigate the supplementary losers.

So let’s get down to it How can you impress the editor or publisher with the presentation of your manuscript?

1. Use paired spacing and print or type on one bunch of the paper only

2. Put the expression of the job only (not your term or any more enchanting information) at the blessing of every page. This helps if the man itemizing your romance drops them all over the macadamize along with someone else’s

3. Number the pages at the craft This is an absolute must because if the individual itemizing your undertaking drops them all over the pave (what again?) he/she commit recognize how to cobble them back together again For a novel numeral the pages long through Don’t inception afresh at the charge of a new chapter If you put each chapter into a separate chit and you’re using Word, click on the mortise underneath and go to the ‘Writers Questions’ page if you privation to understand how to do this

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4. Use a sunshade sheet which should give: the Title of the work; your duration and pseudonym if you use one, lecture and telephone number, plus an email speech if you hold one Also apportion the unit of words, usually to the nearest 1,000 for a novel or 100 if a brief story Finally add the date

5. Staples are curse as are any manner of necessary the pages Publishers do not like going around with broken finger nails, especially the ladies You entrust definitely evade brownie points if you don’t adhere strictly to this rule. You retain been warned

6. Enclose a crisp (that is to prattle – brief) sunshade letter

7. Keep a backup copy of your job on a CD-ROM, a memory stick or some supplementary gadget so that you don’t avoid it through computer breakdowns And if you are using one of those. er, now what are they called, oh yes, typewriters make sure you earn your manuscript photocopied before sending it off Some publishers have, on extraordinary rae occasions you understand, been declared to elude stuff

Having uttered all this, here’s a title to the wise: obtain embrace of your prospective publisher’s submission guidelines and happen them to the missive Their requirements may differ from those I give above so nurture them with respect. Remember publishers are gods and we wouldn’t scarcity to be on the recipience closing of any thunderbolts for receiving it wrong, would we?